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About Bonus

Bonus Copyright Access is a Reproduction Rights Organization (RRO) that licenses reproduction rights to schools, enterprises, public authorities and other organizations.

Collective Rights Management

Bonus Copyright Access is a collective rights management organization which acts as intermediary/facilitator between right holders and users in the fields of reprographic reproduction and certain digital uses.

Authors, publishers, and editors

Bonus Copyright Access is an economic association consisting of 14 professional, interest and trade organizations representing authors, publishers and editors in the field of text and image based works:

  • Non-fiction and fiction
  • Educational books and materials
  • Newspapers and periodicals
  • Sheet music and lyrics
  • Visual arts and photography
Bonus Copyright Access’ assignment

Our task is to ensure that authors, publishers and editors get paid when books, newspapers, magazines, etc. are copied for educational purposes and for internal dissemination of information in the workplace.

Bonus Copyright Access’ assignment from the member organizations is to:

  • Negotiate licensing agreements
  • Collect, manage and distribute compensation to the rights holders
  • Inform and check the adherence of the agreements
  • Investigate and take action against copyright infringement
  • Monitor developments in copyright and copying area, both nationally and internationally
Contact Bonus Copyright Access

Please reach out to info@bonuscopyright.se and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

For contact information directly to our staff please click here.

Documents and guides for downloading

You will find brochures and documents in English in our document archive